Bob Elsinger

  • AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor, New York State Licensed Guide,
  • New York State Emergency Medical Technician

Bob started in the early 60’s backpacking and climbing all of the Northeast’s highest summits. These activities naturally led to him discover rock climbing in the Tetons and Gunks in the summer of 1969. Since then, he has enjoyed rock, ice, and alpine climbing in over 20 states and Canada.

Bob is a retired physical education teacher and coach from Long Island were he worked for 32 years. Since his retirement, he has been fortunate enough to move to the New Paltz area and work as a seasonal ranger at the Mohonk Preserve, guide for Alpine Endeavors, and volunteer as an EMT for the New Paltz Rescue Squad.

While guiding, Bob loves to share his experience, in-depth knowledge of the history of the area, and enthusiasm for rock and ice climbing with his guests.

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