AMGA Certified Ski Mountaineering Guide

This certification is meant for the experienced backcountry skier or ski mountaineering guide looking to further hone her/his skills in off-trail and glacial terrain. It is designed for guiding either ski tours or ski ascents/descents, on alpine touring or free-heel equipment. Topics covered include: track setting, navigation, efficient 3rd and 4th class travel, short-rope and short pitch techniques, rescues skills, and client care.

Students are expected to arrive with a minimum of four years of recreational backcountry skiing background and an acquired knowledge of knots, belaying, rappelling, anchors, and basic alpine climbing systems. It is assumed that the students can ascend and descend 4500 vertical feet per day. It is expected that student’s are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for a week of outdoor activity.

To get your Ski Mountaineering Guide Certification, you must complete:

  • The 12-day Ski Guide Course (SGC)
  • The 10-day Ski Mountaineering Guide Course (SMGC)
  • The eight-day Ski Mountaineering Guide Exam (SMGE)
  • You must be certified in an AMGA-approved level III avalanche course
  • You must be certified in CPR and have a minimum 60 hours in WFR (or equivalent)