Eric started a career in environmental engineering and urban planning, but after 8 years behind a desk, he quit his job, grabbed a backpack (filled mostly with climbing gear), and bought a one-way ticket to Argentina, and later Nepal where he ended up teaching English. Two years (and a few other countries) later, he moved to Colorado and started a PhD in economics, but quickly realized that wasn't for him. So, after returning to Patagonia another year, he finally moved to his beloved Shawangunks, where he is starting a permaculture farm.

In addition to rock climbing, Eric is an avid backcountry skier and alpinist. He enjoys all shapes, sizes, and styles of climbing, but he is most drawn to the philosophy, ethics, and psychology of traditional climbing and alpine mountaineering. That said, he is also developing a 2,500' sport (i.e. bolted) route in Mexico.

Eric loves teaching, be it climbing, economics, or languages (he loves learning too), and looks forward to sharing this particular passion of his with you.

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