Marty Molitoris

Founder; Director

AMGA Certified Rock Guide, AMGA Certified Alpine Guide, New York State Licensed Guide, Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, AIARE (avalanche training) Level I, II and III, Leave No Trace Master Educator, General Class Amateur Radio Operator -KC2IZD, Eagle Scout. Author of An Ice Climber's Guide to the Catskill Mountains, and co-author of A Rock Climber's Guide to the Peter's Kill Climbing Area.

Marty began climbing in 1988, and guiding in 1991. His first visit to the Gunks was during Columbus Day weekend in 1990. After a good number of return visits, he began guiding here in the fall of 1995 commuting (from his hometown in PA) for work until moving here in 1997. During the season of 1997, he worked part time at Rock and Snow until becoming a Level One Certified Rock Guide in October. From then on, he has guided full-time and considers himself lucky to be able to make a career out of guiding. He has shared the experience of climbing with many guests at many different locations throughout the country - some guests have climbed with him regularly for over 20 years. Over that time they have swapped leads, shared experiences, grown friendships, and set future climbing goals. While he enjoys all types of climbing, he prefers the solitude, self-reliance, and commitment you gain from climbing traditional multi-pitch routes.

Marty strives to offer the most professional services possible, and continually works on improving his standards. He has been involved with the AMGA since 1993; participated in the Basic and Advanced Rock Guides courses, successfully completed two rock exams - Level One and Rock Guide, participated in both the Alpine and Advanced Alpine Guides courses, successfully completed the Alpine Exam, and continues to work toward his ski certification. He served two full terms on the AMGA Board of Directors (2009 - 2015) and Accreditation Committee, and an instructor for their Rock Instructor and Single Pitch Instructor Courses.

Marty is also the author of An Ice Climber's Guide to the Catskills Mountains, and co-author (with Mike Rawdon) on the new guidebook A Rock Climber's Guide to the Peter's Kill Climbing Area in Minnewaska State Park , published fall, 2015.