Myriam Bouchard

New York State Licensed Guide, Basic First Aid, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course Graduate (2010)

A Montreal native, Myriam has been an outdoors enthusiast, hiking and backpacking mostly solo, for over 20 years. Some time after she moved to the Gunks, an area she immediately called home, she could see the cliffs from her living room window and wondered, despite her fear of heights, if she should try rock climbing, “just to see if she would like it”. That was in 1996 and she has been an avid climber since then, enjoying the physical challenge it entails, the emotional connection it brings with others and nature, and the mental peace she finds akin to Zen.

She has hiked, backpacked, and climbed in a dozen other areas in the east and west coasts of the US and Canada, including Nepal and Tibet, enjoying the beauty and the diversity of the landscape in each location.

The outdoors nurtures the physical and mental rejuvenation necessary to keep up with the pace of having raised her two kids (both climbers), while also working as a business adviser, travel consultant, and B&B owner. Consequently, she feels enthused in sharing this experience with others, who may, like her, make it a lifelong and enduring passion.

Myriam parle parfaitement le français.