Peter began his career in the outdoors as a mountaineering instructor in Wyoming’s Wind River Range for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in the summer of ’98. Alternately working for NOLS and as a lead instructor in the Maine Bound Program at the University of Maine, he developed his skills and depth of experience on rock, ice, and snow. Since then he has worked for Acadia Mountain Guides in Maine, International Mountain Climbing School in North Conway, NH and Sierra Mountain Guides based in CA.

Personal climbing has included lengthy trips all over the western United States Italian Dolomites, Canadian Rockies, Coast Range in British Columbia, Swiss Alps including first ascents of ice routes in the Sichuan Province of China, and most recently, Alaska where he, Ben Gilmore, and Freddie Wilkinson climbed the first ascent of Mount Foraker’s Fin Wall.

“Climbing, for me, is as much about who I’m climbing with as what or where I’m climbing. Though I find it inspiring to travel and “explore steepness” the most influential element in any climbing experience is who it’s shared with.”

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