What our guests have to say about us

If you are looking for reasons why you should consider climbing with us instead of another service, please read what our guests have to say about us. Their experiences with us should be your best reason.

We are always looking to improve. After you climb with us, please send us an email - we would love to hear what you thought of your experience. Please send all comments to: info@alpineendeavors.com

LT Darryl Kittle ›

Zone Supervisor, NYS DEC Forest Ranger

"Marty, I want to thank you for all you have generously contributed to my staff over the years. Without which we would not be where we are today - that is meant sincerely.

Your group of Guides can be a tremendous resource on rescues involving ice/rock climbing activities. When we would...


Amy Meredith ›

Chatsworth, NJ

"I first began climbing with Marty in the spring of 1999 (10+ years ago). When I think back at the timid, novice that first knocked on his door, then remember the many climbs we have done together, I am truly amazed. I look at pictures of our current trips, and I hardly recognize the climber in...


Al & Joan Morena ›

Mountain Top, PA

"Both my wife Joan and I have known and been climbing with Marty since 1991 (that's over 18 years ago). He has always been a strong, safe, and well-informed climber no matter whether he is climbing in his back yard at the Gunks or in other areas which he is not as familiar with . We have climbed...


Jennifer Powers, Jacek Wojtowicz ›

New York, NY

"Jennifer and I have been climbing since 2001. Climbing is our passion and Marty's Alpine Endeavors is the best partner to share it with. They have consistently provided a very safe, fun and inspiring environment for us to enjoy both rock and ice, develop skills and realize our climbing...


M. Sachs ›

Greenwich, Connecticut

"I have worked with Alpine Endeavors & Marty Molitoris since 1998.

Our travels have taken us to rock climbs in New Paltz, The Adirondacks, Boulder, Colorado and Red Rocks, Nevada. We've ice climbed in the Catskills, hiked in Cold Spring and even a canoe portaged in and around Lake...


Dr. James Wilson ›

Philadelphia, PA

"I started my climbing career under Marty's tutelage over 9 years ago (1999). He has been able to support my climbing needs as my skills improved and interests in climbing broadened. Marty is an excellent mentor who has provided the encouragement and training that has allowed me to reach my...


P.K. ›

"Marty, The kids had a great time, with Bob. Tessa already requested Bob for next year! Kind regards,"


C.H. ›

"Thank you for guiding us (all 4!) up super classic High Exposure. It was delightful to meet you Marty. I have climbed with guides all over the world and i know a great guide when I see one and you are absolutely a great guide.  Especially you were perfect with my daughter Katie who was by...


Peter D. Adkison ›

Seattle, WA

"Marty - I would like to thank you and the rest of the team for an outstanding day! The instruction, climbing and the professionalism was truly first class. Best Regards - P.G."

"We just wanted to say thanks to Alpine Endeavors, and Joe in particular, for an amazing day at the Gunks. My...


Louella and the San Juan family" ›

"Marty and Tai,

Where to start? Fabulous climbing for all, including our tiniest girl (miracle of miracles that you could find a climbing harness for a 30-lb mini like her); wonderful patient instruction; and to top it all off, dinner at Harvest Cafe at Tai's recommendation, which was...


F.C. ›


I just wanted to let you know that the two days that we spent working with you in the Adirondacks paid off, and thank you once again for an excellent period of instruction. We were successful in: doing our leads, using voice commands, reminding each other how far up we were from...


JP & Paul ›


Troop 71 wishes to thank your organization - especially instructors Tai, Bob and Cam for a terrific first experience in Ice Climbing. Tai was absolutely terrific in leading the way from equipment sizing to climbing the mountain to making sure we got down safely to "doing a good...


F.G. ›

"Hello Marty,

I greatly enjoyed my day climbing with Silas yesterday. He is an excellent guide and instructor, very competent and professional and was able to help me with many climbing moves I could not have hoped to make on my own. I was actually quite terrified by the steepness of the...


Theresa & Johnny ›

"Thank you so much! We really had a great time...Jon and Ian are great guides! Remember to teach our methods of getting down the mountain when you bring out your next group! Hahaha. Theresa & Johnny"