• Alternative Baker - Located on Main St (Rt 213), they make THE best baked goods using only the best ingredients. be sure to try the Lemon Velvet Bites.
  • Red Brick Tavern - Located on Main St (Rt 213). They offer great meals - what can we say more than, "We eat there a lot more than we should"...
  • The Postage Inn - Located on RT 32N between the two bridges on your way to Rosendale from New Paltz.
  • Market Market- RT 32N just before the bridge in Rosendale. Not just a grocery store, but a great place to get incredibly good home cooked meals.
  • The Rosendale Cafe - Main St (RT 213). It has its' own reputation for good food. Organic, vegetarian and vegan meals served.
  • Bywater Bistro - Main ST (RT 213).