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Reports on Catskill Ice Climbing Conditions

Instead of just listing conditions, this year we decided to make an entire separate website for Catskill Ice Climbing!

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An Ice Climber's Guide to the Catskill Mountains, third edition

For more information on ice climbing in the Catskills, pick up a copy of the latest edition of An Ice Climber's Guide to the Catskill Mountains, by Marty Molitoris, available December 19, 2013.

eBook available soon!

DISCLAIMER – READ this before you use this page!

Ice climbing and its related activities are extremely dangerous and carry significant risk of personal injury including, but not limited to paralysis and death. While training to learn proper technique and the proper use of equipment, along with the exercise of good judgment and common sense can help you manage the risks inher- ent in ice climbing and its related activities, the hazards associated therewith can never completely be eliminated. Even the most experienced climbers can die or be seriously injured. This condition report is not intended or designed to replace or supplement personal instruction by an instructor who is qualified to teach proper technique and safety procedure. The author and publisher of this site assume no responsibility and can in no way be held responsible or liable for any accident, injuries, our negligence, or damages caused directly or indirectly from any information contained in this book. YOU ALWAYS CLIMB AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Ice climbing locations, trails and routes are highly variable. The author and publisher do not represent or warrant that the climb locations, trails and routes included in this condition report will look like they did when the pictures were taken contained herein. It is the sole responsibility of the reader to verify all conditions prior to climbing. The author’s description of climb locations, trails and routes in this book neither implies nor guarantees a right of public access. Some locations, trails and routes may require prior permission of the landowner and/ or the issuance of a license or permit for use. It is the sole responsibility of the reader to confirm the right to access of all locations, trails and routes prior to climbing. The author and publisher cannot be held responsible or liable for any reader who does not follow the rules and regulations of the DEC, the Platte Clove Preserve (which are posted at most trailheads) or other private landowners’ signage or property lines.