Eldorado Canyon, CO


Eldorado Canyon is located in Eldorado Canyon State Park, just minutes outside of Boulder, CO. Eldorado offers hundreds of single and multi-pitch routes for climbers of all abilities. Climbing ranges from sport-climbing to long, traditional-climbing on routes involving cracks, flakes, and faces. The routes range from easily-approached climbs on single-pitched crags, to multi-pitch routes with lengths up to Grade III (those requiring a full day) and provide you with many different types of adventure.

We offer trips to Eldorado Canyon at various times throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

Eldorado offers many great routes, and we offer a low climber-to-guide ratio to allow our guests the opportunity to climb as many routes as they can. Some of the classics you may climb with us out there are:

  • Bastille Crack
  • Calypso
  • Grand Giraffe
  • The Great Zot
  • The Green Spur
  • Hair City
  • Reggae
  • Rosy Crucifixion
  • Ruper
  • Swanson's Arete
  • Wind Ridge
  • The Yellow Spur
  • The Zot Face
  • and many, many more