Red Rocks, NV


Red Rocks is located in Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area, just minutes outside of Las Vegas, NV. Red Rocks offers over a thousand single and multi-pitch for climbers of all abilities. Climbing ranges from sport-climbing to long, traditional-climbing on routes involving cracks, flakes, and varnished edges. The routes range from easily approached climbs at single-pitched crags, to multi-pitch routes with lengths up to Grade IV (those requiring all day or possibly an overnight for a slower party), and provide you with many different types of adventure.

We operate in Red Rocks through a special permit that allows us 2, five-day visits each year. We normally offer one trip in the spring - usually in April, and the other trip we offer in the fall - usually in November or December; allowing you to extend your climbing season when many other areas get too cold.

Red Rocks offers many great routes, and we offer a low climber-to-guide ratio to allow our guests the opportunity to climb as many routes as they can. Some of the classics you may climb with us out there are:

  • Black Orpheus
  • Cat in the Hat
  • Cat Walk
  • Crimson Chrysalis
  • Dark Shadows
  • Dream of Wild Turkeys
  • Epinephrine
  • Eagle Dance
  • Frogland
  • Frigid Air Buttress
  • Johnny Vegas
  • Jubilant Song
  • Prince of Darkness
  • Solar Slabs
  • Tunnel Vision
  • and many, many more