Seneca Rocks, WV


Seneca Rocks is located in Monongahela National Forest, in Pendleton County, WV. Seneca offers over four hundred single and multi-pitch routes for climbers of all abilities. Climbing ranges from sport-climbing to long, traditional-climbing on routes involving cracks, flakes, and edges. The rock is similiar to the quartzite found in the Shawangunks, NY, and other rock outcroppings along the Appalachian ridge in PA and MD. While the rock is similar in composition, it is unique in that instead of the horizontal stratifications you have in the Shawangunks, Seneca was tilted 90 degrees when lifted and it provides numerous cracks on its two fins - North Peak and South Peak. With the nature of its fins, you also can climb on two different faces - east and west of each fin. South Peak has the additional unique fact that it is the only peak in the area that requires a technical ascent. The next peak requiring a technical ascent to gain its summit would be Devil's Tower in Wyoming.

We operate in Seneca normally in the spring - usually in April or May, and fall - usually in September or October to provide us with the best temperatures - avoiding the heat of the summer.

Seneca Rocks offers many classic routes, and we provide a low climber-to-guide ratio to allow our guests the opportunity to climb as many classic routes as they can. Some of the classic routes you may climb with us out there are:

  • Alcoa Presents Ecstasy
  • Castor
  • Climbin Punishment
  • Conn's East
  • Conn's West
  • Crack of Dawn
  • Marshall's Madness
  • Old Ladies Route
  • Pleasant Overhangs
  • Slipstream
  • Soler
  • Thais
  • Triple S
  • and many, many more

Alpine Endeavors is a Permit Holder of the Monongahela National Forest.

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