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Alpine Endeavors operates year-round for rock climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, and mountaineering, In addition to our climbing services, we offer guided hikes and snowshoeing of our local areas, navigation skills, Leave No Trace courses, team building events, and wilderness medical courses.

We are an Accredited Program by the American Mountain Guides Association, and we provide various level AMGA trained and/or exam-certified, experienced guides who are concerned with making your outing as rewarding as possible. Our guides train continually throughout the year on all aspects of terrain, and also train with the local authorities (NYS DEC, Mohonk Preserve, & Mohonk Mountain House) for low angle and high angle rope rescue.

Climbing Locations

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We are based in some of the best climbing on the East Coast, the Shawangunk, Catskill, and Adirondack Mountains of New York.

We are based in some of the best climbing on the East Coast, the Shawangunk, Catskill, and Adirondack Mountains of New York.

  • The Shawangunks - (map point B) are legendary for rock climbing. They offer an abundance of high quality routes for all abilities. Located only 1 1/2 hours north of New York City, it is a common day trip for most guests near the NYC area.
  • The Catskills - (map point C) offer incredible ice climbing that is reliable every year. Being only 2 hours north of New York City, they offer some of the best ice climbing in the east, without the long drive.
  • The Adirondacks - (map point D) offer great rock climbing, ice climbing, and winter mountaineering. They are located about 5 hours north of New York City and can offer day trips to remote back-country adventures for all types of climbing.

In addition to our daily operating areas, we offer trips to unique areas abroad such as: the Mt Washington and the White Mountains, NH; Seneca Rocks, WV; Eldorado Canyon, CO; Red Rocks, NV; North Cascades National Park, WA; Mount Rainier National Park, WA; Andes Mountains, Ecuador; and more.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Alpine Endeavors is to provide our guests with a rewarding, quality climbing experience. We will professionally practice, model, and instruct climbing techniques and outdoor skills, and operate in a professional manner that promotes the utmost degree of respect to our guests, the environment we operate in, and everyone we meet.